Rumours Interview

From Ghent, Rumours is a band with a special universe. They have a shamanic and humourous appearance. Let’s discover them in five questions!

When I listen to your music, I always feel like I’m experiencing an actual ritual. Like your sound is reflecting the mood of a sacrifice. Do you see and conceive your music like that?

When we write our music, sound will always be a reflection of a specific mood that we are feeling that moment. We don’t just write things because it sounds good, but also because it feels right. We are very sensitive to those kind of things. The real sacrifice lies in our willing to submerge in a specific feeling. Something that hurt us, or something that made us feel good, then try to go as deep as possible, and capture it in a momentum. We think that is the only way people can identify themselves with music. The artist has to be willing to go all the way so the listener might be able to feel slightly what they ment. You can see this honesty as a sacrifice, but in our heads, there is just no other way. If it is a cost or a blessing, we’re not sure yet. But it is worth it.

What is the hidden meaning behind your clip, « I Dance »?

« I Dance » is were it all started. Hannah, made this band possible. She has always been intrigued by how the room influences the music that you make.
I dance was made in an old monastery in the city of Bruges (the city she grew up in). All sounds in this song were recorded in this room. The clip tries to capture the atmosphere she felt during the making of this song: dark, lonely, shamanic, mystical. This was the very beginning for Rumours. We were kind of obsessed by this word ‘shamanic’. To us, everything what we did was shamanic. It is a word that at the time we didn’t really understood properly, it was just something that eased our mind for being cut off from the world around us. Our community is bigger than people think. We are surrounded by some many people that think alike and we feel lucky for that. If it wasn’t for this community, many of us wouldn’t survive the way we are. A flower only get’s appreciated when it’s beautiful, nobody knows that we’re the only one’s who water them.

I think the TV serie Dark would be very well suited for your music.

It is an actual dream for Hannah to make music for a cool tv-show. So we hope maybe in the future this could happen.

Stefanie is a member of the band BRUTUS and does the beats in Rumours. Does she provides some of her artistic rage for the compositions of Rumours?

First of all, she doesn’t only do the beats in Rumours. In Rumours everyone does whatever they feel like when it comes to writing songs. We have no barriers. When it comes to playing, when we dissect a demo to play it live. We never take in account who wrote what line. We just know who is going to play it because we know our instruments well.
Artistic rage is wrong way of saying, doing what feels right. We don’t see Stefanie as a malicious artist, who does everything out of an artistic ‘rage’. She writes music out of love, and only true love. Her music may sound hard, yet if you really listen, it is the tenderness that will give you the shivers. So yes she provides us her ‘artistic tenderness.’ And a lot of it.

How can you describe the image and aesthetics of your band?

We have gone a lot of different paths the past 3 years. From like we said before, shamanic, to retro, to techno, to literally things that just don’t fit together. We have always been very much aware of what we should look like, but not really how we looked. Especially in the beginning. We were experimenting with things that made us feel good, that made us laugh and brought us closer. Now we realize it is not really in the extreme we’ll find this beauty or density.
Sinds our EP infant we were obsessed by everything that was dark and weird. This was the shape that ‘rebellion’ took in our lives I guess. But now we feel more relieved from all that. We’re older, and much more at ease. What it all comes to now is writing a True Story, that may or may not inspire people, but most of all we wrote together as a family. The way we try to look doesn’t really matter anymore. We realized, the more truthful you are about what and who you are, the more you reach people with it. And we as musicians also have to make something of our lives right? We find no meaning in trying to be better than we are. And if we would, we couldn’t even hold it up for two days.

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